HL9404 Broadband Balun (40 GHz) - NEW!!!
HL2202 High-speed Differential TDR
HL1101 Ruggedized Time Domain Reflectometer
HL5208 Ruggedized 8-channel TDR/TDT/Crosstalk Analyzer
HL5220 Ruggedized HDMI Cable Analyzer

Test and Measurement Solutions Since 1992

For over 22 years, HYPERLABS has been providing innovative test and measurement solutions worldwide.

Our broadband baluns are the highest-performing on the market, with up to 40 GHz bandwidth.

We also build the only USB-powered differential TDRs available with up to 20 channels.

For harsh test environments, our single-ended TDRs provide unmatched versatility and value.

So next time you need an innovative test and measurement solution, think HYPERLABS.

Better Broadband Baluns 

Our line of RF baluns offers the best bandwidth (up to 40 GHz), best match (± 0.1-0.25 dB typical), and best price on the market. Learn more today.

Academic Discount Program 

HYPERLABS is pleased to offer a 10% discount for researchers, professors, and students affiliated with universities and other institutes of higher education.Check it out.