HL1101 Ruggedized USB TDR

The HL1101 is an electrostatic-robust, USB-driven TDR suitable for deployment in a wide variety of lab, field, and industrial applications.

The included ZTDR™ software displays full waveforms and impedance measurements on any Windows PC.

Technical Specifications PDF

  • 200 ps rise time
  • Functional range of 200 m (400 m roundtrip)
  • Internal calibration to 50 Ω
  • ESDS Class 2 static robustness
  • USB-controlled and -powered
  • ZTDR™ software (Windows only) and DLL (ZTDR_1XX) with free lifetime upgrades
  • Weighs under 0.5 lb
  • 1 year warranty, repair or replacement

Product Applications

  • Cable impedance characterization
  • Fault detection and fault location in communications cables
  • Time of flight measurement
  • Water level and turbidity measurement
  • Soil moisture measurement

Software and Documentation

Ordering and Shipping

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Upon request, HYPERLABS can provide SMA connectors. Please contact us for details and pricing.

HL1101 Ruggedized Time Domain Reflectometer
HL1101 Ruggedized Time Domain ReflectometerZTDR comparison of terminated and open circuitsZTDR's powerful and customizable user interface

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