HL9721 Single-ended Pencil Probe

The HL9721 is a handheld pencil-style probe used to simply impedance characterization of IPC-2141A standard (0.100”) PCB test coupons.

This single-ended odd mode probe is designed specifically for use with the HL3204 Controlled Impedance Analyzer

The HL9721 can be purchased alone or as part of our dedicated HL300S Ruggedized Controlled Impedance Test System.

Technical Specifications PDF

  • Single-ended odd mode
  • 0.100" Ground /Signal probe footprint
  • Typical 50 ps rise time (20-80%)
  • Insertion delay of 4 ns
  • 1 year warranty, repair or replacement

Product Applications

  • Printed circuit board (PCB) coupon testing
  • Characterizing impedance in traces as short as 4"


  • Installation Drawing PDF

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HL9721 Single-ended Pencil Probe

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