HL9723 Differential Odd Mode Pushdown Probe

The HL9723 is a pushdown probe used to simply impedance characterization of IPC-2141A standard (0.100”) PCB test coupons in high-speed systems.

It is designed specifically for use with the HL2202 Signal Integrity Analyzer.

This differential probe can also be purchased as part of our dedicated HL200S High-speed Controlled Impedance Test System.

Technical Specifications PDF

  • Differential odd mode Impedance measurement
  • 0.100" Ground /Signal probe footprint
  • Typical 50 ps rise time (20-80%)
  • Insertion delay of 330 ps
  • 1 year warranty, repair or replacement

Product Applications

  • Printed circuit board (PCB) coupon testing
  • Characterizing impedance in traces as short as 1"


  • Installation Drawing PDF

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