HL9801 USB Test Point Adapter

The HL9801 is a differential USB test point adapter (TPA) that simplifies the analysis of USB 1.1 and 2.0 cables and connectors.

This TPA is compatible with the HL2202 and  HL2200USB High-speed Differential 2-channel TDRs from HYPERLABS.

Technical Specifications

  • Risetime: 60 ps
  • Aberrations: 20% inductive, 10% capacitive
  • Insertion Delay: 300 ps
  • Delay Skew: < 10 ps
  • USB Output: Connector Type A
  • Compatibility: HL2200USB from HYPERLABS

Product Applications

The HL9801 is designed specifically for analyzing USB 1.1 and 2.0 cables. When paired with a high-speed TDR such as the HL22002, it provides the resolution to analyze USB cables and transition regions.

Additional Resources

  • Installation Drawing PDF

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HL9801 USB 2.0 Test Point Adapter

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