HYPERLABS Academic Discount Program

HYPERLABS is proud to offer the Academic Discount Program. Persons affiliated with qualifying academic institutions worldwide receive a 10% discount on all instruments and components from our active product line.

How to Claim your Discount

Participating in the HYPERLABS Academic Discount Program is easy. Simply contact us using your university email address and request your discount. We'll verify your eligibility and email you with a coupon code within 24 hours. 

This coupon code can be used to buy products online. If your department prefers to issue a purchase order, we'll apply the discount automatically there.

Shipments under this program can only be made to academic addresses.

Academic Discount Program Rules

There are only a few rules to this Program. Please don't try to break them.

  1. You must contact us using an email address from your institution.
  2. Shipment can only be made to an institutional address.
  3. HYPERLABS reserves the right to determine eligibility for the Program.