HL9407 Broadband Balun (67 GHz at -3 dB)
HL2204 High-speed Signal Path Analyzer™
HL1101 Ruggedized USB TDR
HL5208 Ruggedized Signal Path Analyzer™
HL5220 Ruggedized HDMI Cable Analyzer
Our Signal Path Analyzers™ now offer S21 and S11 capabilities. Learn more about these innovative instruments today.

Signal Path Analyzers™, Broadband Baluns, and other innovative test solutions

Since 1992, HYPERLABS has been providing innovative test and measurement solutions worldwide.

Our broadband baluns are the highest-performing on the market, with up to 50 GHz bandwidth (-3 dB).

We also build the only low-cost Signal Path Analyzers™ that measure TDR, TDT, FEXT, NEXT, S21, and S11. Our multi-channel instruments offer up to 35 ps rise time.

Better Broadband Baluns 

Our line of RF baluns offers the best bandwidth (up to 50 GHz at -3 dB), best match (± 0.1 to 0.3 dB typical), and best price on the market. Learn more today.

Academic Discount Program 

HYPERLABS is pleased to offer a 10% discount for researchers, professors, and students affiliated with universities and other institutes of higher education. Check it out.