HL1100 Series TDR

HYPERLABS HL1100 Series TDR instruments provide high-performance test and measurement capabilities for use in the field or in the lab.

These instruments are used for applications such as fault detection in cables and interconnects, impedance characterization, time of flight analysis, water level measurement, and more.

The included ZTDR™ software turns any Windows PC into a versatile tool for reading and manipulating time domain waveforms.

These TDRs are also electrostatic protected up to ESDS Class 2, making them ideal for deployment in harsh maintenance, manufacturing, and data collection environments.

For about the same price as a budget handheld TDR meter, HYPERLABS products provide superior performance and greater versatility in time domain reflectometery applications.

Key Specifications

  • 200 ps rise time
  • ≈ 4 cm distance resolution
  • Electrostatic-robust (ESDS Class 2)
  • Powered and controlled via USB
  • ZTDR™ software included
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HL1101 Ruggedized Time Domain Reflectometer
HL1101 Ruggedized USB TDR
Price: $2,995.00
HL1101 Ruggedized USB TDR
The HL1101 is an electrostatic-robust, USB-driven TDR suitable for deployment in a wide variety of lab, field, and industrial applications. The included ZTDR™ software displays full waveforms and impedance measurements on any Windows PC.