XTDR™ 2.7 Software and DLL

TDR/TDT software with Insertion/Return Loss

We are pleased to announce the official release of XTDR™ Version 2.7 for our line of HL22xx and HL52xx series Signal Path Analyzers™.

XTDR™ 2.6 adds a feature not seen in competing low-cost TDR instruments: Insertion and Return Loss. For the first time, insertion loss (S21) and return loss (S11) measurements are available from a budget TDR.

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NEW: S-parameter Capabilities

HYPERLABS instruments running XTDR™ 2.6 are uniquely capable of measuring insertion loss (S21) and return loss (S11) without using a separate network analyzer.

These features are unique for low-cost TDR/TDT instruments, and our users save 90% or more vs. keeping separate VNA and TDR instruments.

Improved TDR/TDT/Crosstalk Measurement

XTDR™ 2.6 makes it easier to acquire and analyze TDR, TDT, and Crosstalk (XT) data in systems of up to 20 channels. 

With a few mouse clicks, you can acquire impedance, voltage or normalized readings as a function of either time or distance.

New features in XTDR™ 2.6 include automatic reference point detection and a refined user interface. Other features include CSV/PNG logging, adjustable acquisition windows, multiple waveform averaging, and stored waveform comparison.

Comparison of S11 (return loss) measurements taken by XTDR™ and an HL2204 (green trace), vs. those taken on a much more expensive VNA instrument (pink trace)

Insertion loss (S21) of a GORE 20-foot CXN1362A coaxial cable measured with by XTDR™ and an HL2204 (green trace) compared to a high-end VNA (pink trace)

TDR impedance measurements taken by XTDR™ for Windows®

XTDR™ Software

ZIP  Download Version 2.7.1

PDF  User Manual (English)

ZIP  XTDR™ Change Log

XTDR™ DLL Resources

ZIP  DLL Version 2.6.0

PDF  DLL Guide (English)

ZIP  DLL Test Program/Source (C++)

Software Updates

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