ZTDR™ Software + DLL

ZTDR™ is the all-new software and DLL package for our best-selling HL1101 Ruggedized USB TDR

It's never been easier to acquire and analyze time domain data in both field and lab operations.

With a few mouse clicks, you can acquire impedance, voltage or normalized readings as a function of either time or distance.

Other ZTDR™ features include CSV/PNG logging, adjustable acquisition windows, multiple waveform averaging, and stored waveform comparison.

And for customized applications, the ZTDR™ DLL can be used to automate acquisition and logging in just about any test environment.

So choose the HL1101 with ZTDR™ and get the best dedicated TDR hardware, software and DLL package on the market.

ZTDR™ Software for Windows®

ZTDR™ Software

ZIP  Download Version 2.1.0

PDF  User Manual (English)

ZIP  ZTDR™ Change Log

ZTDR™ DLL Resources

ZIP  DLL Version 1.1.2

PDF  DLL Guide (English)

ZIP  DLL Test Program/Source (C++)

Software Updates

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